The trip is designed for youth ages 13-18; anyone who has completed 7th grade may participate.

We’ll have three mandatory informational meetings before the trip. Please attend the meetings or watch the video recordings. We promise they will NOT be boring and if you come in person we’ll have pastries and chocolate.

Adults may accompany their children. Upon request we can accommodate a parent and child in a room for two for an additional fee.

The $400 deposit is refundable until January 1st, 2020. Additional payments will be due January 1 ($1000), March 1 ($1000) and June 1 ($1000). Once you have paid for your trip in full, you can only be refunded for the things we haven’t already paid for (meals, entrances and local transportation).

The trip is fully insured. Travel insurance documentation will be emailed to you after registration.

Participants are expected to treat everyone on the trip with respect and kindness.

Participants should expect to walk 7 miles a day.

Each person may bring one carry-on size bag (22x14x9) and one backpack. In case of a Chunnel strike we may need to take a flight out of London and European airlines are EXTREMELY strict about luggage. If your bag is larger than standard carry-on it may be left behind.

Absolutely no alcohol or drug consumption will be tolerated.

Chaperones will have medicine for colds, hay fever, headaches, diarrhea, etc. and will seek medical help for more serious complaints. Participants are welcome to bring their own medications.

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